The Blog is Back!

2014-04-20 11.52.42

Apologies, dear followers, about the several month’s break in blogging. We have been busy creating new projects, including a few apps, the long awaited On Stage (scenography with a way to explore a book of your choice) and our brand new Arts & Issues series, which looks at…erm…the arts and issues! More news of these shortly on

As well as this we have only just got back from our inspiration roadshow in Massachusetts. The two themes of our trip were creativity and music and we were really lucky to be able to get and give plenty of both. Thanks to everyone who participated and it was lovely to meet so many new friends and creatives, musicians, teachers, kids in monkey masks and cultural happening-makers.

There was so much to inspire, from the ocean to Dogtown, from gigs to finches playing guitars, from colour-theoried quilts to hump-back whales, from coyotes to blue jays, from sound-scapes to Native American sketchbooks, activities around music as a creative problem solver and learning how to look, and from the Rocky Neck Cultural Centre to G33k gaming centre. The atmosphere around the Boston marathon – Boston Strong – was dynamic and positive, as was the Cape Ann scene with its diverse and welcoming vibe.

We came back, exhausted, with so many great memories and so many ideas that it is going to take ages and ages to put them into practice.

Anyway, on with the blogging……

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