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Creative Training: How to be More Creative


Creative Training: How to be More Creative by Sancha de Búrca is a comprehensive book that is also a self-paced course on general creativity, showing through practical exercises and detailed commentary how to boost your creative attitude and abilities.

As well as enabling you to have more and better ideas and to put those ideas into effect more efficiently, being creative has been shown to help you to learn, remember, be inspired and to be happier. Everyone is potentially creative and you can raise your creativity levels, no matter what your starting point. All it takes is an understanding of what makes you creative and a willingness to try out new things. Where ever you want to find creative solutions, such as in business, hobbies, science, education, art, design and craft, this book will help you to apply design thinking and structured methods to grow your problem solving and creativity skills.

Here you can explore your own creativity and find out about the creative lives of others, such as Einstein, Picasso, Richard Branson and J. K. Rowling. Over twelve chapters you can develop your creative skills and attitude by engaging in a range of activities that will introduce you to creative thinking, seeing and being open, as well as helping you to generate many and innovative ideas. These activities generally have an almost immediate impact on the way you’ll understand your creativity. As the course progresses you will be challenged to change the way you approach your problem solving and creative decision making. The course-book looks at the basic neuroscience of creativity as well as giving you lots of practical tips to apply to your creative needs.

Each of the twelve chapters contains a commentary, case studies and a range of creative activities that are placed in an activity library for ease of access. Creative Training is aimed at adults but the activities can easily be adapted for use in families or schools and can also be used by groups working in organisations.

Creative Training: How to be More Creative is also available as an e-book on Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble for Nook  and as a PDF from