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The GDP team and testimonials

Here at the Graphic Design Project we are fascinated by the ways design can communicate, educate, entertain and even change lives. We’d like to share that with you.

GDP is a family run organisation that provides online graphic design learning for young – and not so young – people all over the world. Our projects focus on the thinking side of the design process and are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those wanting to build up their portfolios for work or entry to college or university. We have decades of experience working with (and being) home-schoolers, but also teach university students or create professional design in our ‘day jobs’.

As well as developing our design projects, GDP’s founder, Sancha de Búrca, is also undertaking PhD research into teaching and learning Design for Good (which means using design to make a better world, not a world of consumerism). Therefore, all of our design projects will help you develop regular design thinking and process skills, but also get you thinking about how design can help make a better future for everyone.

Our projects are especially helpful for those of you who do not have professional design software (though, of course, you can undertake the projects with this too). We are aware that not only is design software expensive, but it is simply not available to everyone across the globe. We feel that design should be for everyone, both in the making and the messages. So, all of our projects can be shared and can be made without specialist software.

Enjoy exploring our website and do contact us for any information or support you may need.