Easter Image

Easter eggsIf you would like to take part in our seasonal project, The Easter Image Project, you might want to start thinking about beginning now to be ready at Easter itself. The project helps you to create a fabulous poster for a community gathering at Easter. This could be a large spiritual gathering or just a few family members coming together to share Easter eggs. The project is suitable for either secular or faith based designers. As usual with our projects you’ll be introduced to images made by designers, artists and photographers and look at the ways in which posters are constructed. The project is a celebration of festivals and people.

The project is suitable for portfolio builders as well as complete beginners in graphic design. We suggest that with this easy project you could do it independetnly if you are 14 years or older and that younger people could do it with a bit of adult support. You could choose our own tutor support option. The project could take between 15 and 35 hours depending on the amount of creating that you do.

More information here on our website www.thegraphicdesignproject.com.

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