Try out a Design Project?

chinese boyWant something to do to pass the holiday season time? The Graphic Design Project is looking for a few teens (or older!) to try out some of our projects and to give us feedback about re-developing them. Projects are for beginners in graphic design and portfolio-builders. If you are 14 or older (or younger but can get help from parents or a responsible adult) we are looking for you to test run a project of your choice and then to fill out a survey about what you thought of it. If you know of someone who might like to do this please pass this post on.

We are looking for about five – ten people to do this. If you are interested please leave a comment here by 30th January 2013 telling us in no more than 50 words why you are the best person to undertake a specific project. Projects can be found here.

You will need access to the internet and can undertake either the tutor-supported version or the independent kind of project. Projects are in English but we welcome international learners. Projects must be completed in a maximum of six weeks. You can complete the design either by hand or on computer.

Looking forward to hearing from you young (or old!) designers.

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  1. Would love,love,love to take part! Currently I am developing my portfolio and expanding my design horizons. I have some experience and more ideas that need a concrete foundation to fly!

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