The Celebration Project

The Celebration Project is perfect if you want to begin to learn about graphic design or are wanting something different to do during the vacation period. As we mentioned in our post a few weeks back (Self Promotion Time) this time of year is perfect for exploring all the design that can be made from or about the many festivals that occur within the next few weeks. You can find The Celebration Project and many others on our website at

The Celebration Project is a very straightforward introductory project that asks you to make magazine page spreads of the topic of celebration, so it is great chance to make the most of the family get-togethers, the parties, the quiet contemplation or the issues of commercialism and hype. Whatever angle you wish to take, we can help you make fantastic page layouts to add to or begin your creative portfolio. Along the way you will explore a professional design process, inspiring design pieces and learn to judge and improve your own skills.

So, come on, try to make more of the celebrations this year and work them into your portfolio to remember them by or to show how you have reflected on the issues. Your photos will look superb set in a magazine spread and the project will keep you busy and entertained. You can take the project on an independent basis and work through it by yourself or you can take the tutor support option instead.

The Graphic Design Project can make bespoke projects for you too.

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