Self Promotion Time

For those of you who want to start out or continue in graphic design, now is the time of year to start thinking about the many promotion opportunities that are coming up. Christmas, for example, is a good time to remind your would-be clients of how talented you are. A Christmas card is a really good way of showing your skills and of directly marketing to a specific “client”. Whether you are already established as a freelancer or are one of our GDP learners who want to begin to make design for others, you might want to think about grabbing this opportunity. Christmas is not the only festival coming up during the next few months. Amongst others there are also Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year and even St Valentine’s Day in February.

But if you want to design your self promotion properly, with thought for your precise message, you should get started now to be ready to mail or email out your designs.

The Season’s Greetings Project from GDP offers you just this chance to work through a professional design process to make the most effective self promotion greetings by exploring embellished typography. There are some amazing and beautiful examples of work to investigate for inspiration. You can use this project simply to make some eye-catching and unusual greetings cards, even if you don’t want to engage in slef-promotion. The project also looks at other promotional gimmicks that will delight your clients.

If you are just starting your own creative business you might also like our project, The My Business Project, which will help you to develop your own logo, business cards and letterheads. Our projects can be worked on independently or can be done with support from our tutors. Both of these projects consider issues of privacy and safety when teens and  young people are setting up in the design business.

Please see details of these and other projects at

Enjoy designing!

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