Graphic Design – Now in Production

An exciting and dynamic current exhibition in New York is Graphic Design – Now in Production being held at Governors Island on weekends and holiday Mondays. This is part of the Cooper Hewitt Museum’s summer timetable while the main building is being renovated.

The exhibition covers the last decade of graphic design and includes items from magazine and book publishing, posters, typography, screen titles, branding, information graphics and storefront design. The expert curators are Ellen Lupton of the Cooper Hewitt and Andrew Blauvelt of the Walker Art Centre, where the exhibition first showed. The objects in the show help to demonstrate the purposes of contemporary graphic design, from general visual communication to the raising awareness of issues. For example,  Anthony Burrill’s Oil and Water Do Not Mix poster is printed using oil from spillages in the Gulf of Mexico.

The typography section includes two of G.D.P.s favourites, Oded Ezer and Marion Bantjes. We also particularly admire the type of The Future by Sean Freeman and Craig Ward.

After the stint at Governers Island the exhibition is in Los Angeles next winter and in Houston over the summer of next year and makes a last appearance at the Southeastern Centre for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, N.C. in 2014.

You can find out more about Graphic Design – Now in Production at

All images courtesy of the Cooper Hewitt press office. Image credits:

Chris Dixon, New York, December 22-29, 2008. Courtesy the publisher.

Anthony Burrill, Oil & Water Do Not Mix, 2010, conceived and produced in collaboration with Happiness, Brussels. Courtesy the artist.

Sean Freeman and Craig Ward, The Future, 2008, courtesy of the artists


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