Easter Greetings to everyone. 

This image is from NGA images and shows  a German woodcut from the 15th Century called Easter Calendar Beginning with the Year 1466.

The Graphic Design Project has a great project for this season called Easter Image, which as well as helping you with graphic design skills will also explore traditional religious art for Easter and alternative ways of celebrating with type and image. Please email info@thegraphicdesignproject.com if you’d like more information about this or our other projects. These can be seen on the Our Projects page here.

If you are making any graphics for Easter or Pesach please send these in and we will post the best ones.

By the way, we were hoping to post images the New American Haggadah by Jonathan Safran Foer,  but have not recieved them yet. This book has just been published, sold out and been re-printed.  I predict that you should look out for this in the graphic design awards later this year. The design is by Israeli typographer, Oded Ezer, and is amazing! Pages of Hebrew type seem to float and come to life in this lovely book. There are both English and Hebrew tranlations of the wording, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a guide to the Pesach festivities and prayers. So we refer you to this Huffington Post page where you can see what the design fuss is about!