the graphic design project

Design is intelligence made visible

Project Demos

Here is a chance to see inside some of GDP’s design projects. All the projects follow the same overall format using the five main parts of the design process as a template.

You can click all images to enlarge them. The project PDFs are all interactive with both the links and the index being live.

In the first part you’ll find the brief, make sense of it and consider where you could use this as a real life project. You will also find the learning outcomes that explain what you’ll learn and how this relates to professional design. Below are a couple of typical briefs.



Then you’ll carry out fact-finding into contemporary and sometimes historical design, photography, art and other creative areas relevant to the project. This is your chance to be inspired and informed, as well as to figure out how others go about making design. Below are some pages from the Getting Ready to Design sections.

TheWordsDemoThe link in this page is to Nod Young’s website.


The link in this page is a video called A Modernist Approach to Design at London Zoo.

Once the fact-finding is complete you’ll plan your project. You’ll come up with a range of ideas, evaluating and developing them until you are satisfied that your concept is effective.




Then you’ll make or produce the final outcome. Finally you’ll look back at what you’ve done and reflect on what went well and how to go about a new project. Most importantly you’ll build up your portfolio.

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