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Our Short Graphic Design Projects

As we are in the process of moving our website the graphic design projects are not yet on display. Please contact us if you have any specific queries. Information will be appearing here shortly.

Projects are for beginners in graphic design as well as people who would like to build up their creative portfolio for employment or education opportunities, or just for fun. They will teach you about layout, typography, illustration and photography and much more.

Our projects are also ideal for homeschoolers as they not only enable you to develop graphic design skills, but you can also use the projects to learn about and explore other topics, making a graphic design outcome or artefact to showcase your investigation. For example, The Weather Project or The Animal Park Project both thoroughly explore different kinds of design, but they also enable you to study weather, natural history and conservation at the same time. Other projects will help you with literature, music, history, media or religious studies and so on.

Each project can be personalised to your own needs or requirements, so they can be taken just for fun or to learn how to be a professional creative.

You can choose to undertake the projects by yourself in your own time or you can opt to have tutor support and really get to grips with tackling design problem solving. They are delivered online through interactive PDFs and you present work to your tutor through your own blog.

If you have a particular topic that you would like to investigate creatively The Graphic Design Project can also write a project just for you through our Tailor Made service.

Topics of the projects range from simple design briefs, such as making a sketchbook, magazine double page spread or CD cover, through to branding your own business or promoting yourself as a designer, packaging and graphic novels, through to more complex design problems of environmental design, community garden design or fashion and store design.



2 thoughts on “Our Short Graphic Design Projects

  1. I can be forthright without being overly cruel, and if something’s boring I’ll tell you. I’ve been interested in graphic design and many other art forms for a long time and would be keen to do the graphic novel course.

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